To reduce check fraud among Missouri financial institutions, MBA officially sponsors the "Thumbprint Signature" program, based on a program developed by the Texas Bankers Association. Thumbprint Signature was developed after pilot programs proved successful in significantly lowering the losses accountable to check fraud by noncustomers.

Banks participating in the program ask noncustomers requesting to cash "on-us" checks to apply a thumbprint (using an inkless pad that leaves no mess) to the face of the check, in addition to examining the standard forms of identification. The thumbprint serves as positive ID for use by law enforcement if the check is fraudulent. However, the primary purpose of this program is to serve as a deterrent.

Other than supplies, there is no cost to participate in the program. MBA offers discounted prices on the inkless pads are available to participants. Other supplies include door decals, teller window tent cards and statement stuffers.

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Thumbprint Signature Program
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