Teach Children To Save 2016 

April is National Financial Literacy Month. During April, banks are encouraged to share photos of their  Teach Children To Save presentations on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and tag MBA. Banks that tag MBA in their posts will automatically be entered into a drawing to win $250 for a school or community organization, such as Boys and Girls Club, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, from MBA. MBA will award four $250 prizes, and your bank can match this amount, giving a school or organization an opportunity to win as much as $500! 

Official Rules
  1. The Teach Children To Save 2020 Challenge is open to all banks that are members of MBA.
  2. To be automatically entered in the drawing, participating banks will share their Teach Children To Save activities on their Facebook or Twitter accounts and tag MBA (FacebookTwitter or Instagram). Banks may post photos of their presentations or describe their activities with the class.
  3. All posts from the participating banks shall be in compliance with the social media policies of the participating banks.
  4. Only presentations to students in grades one through eight are eligible for the contest.
  5. The contest begins Wednesday, April 1, and ends Thursday, April 30. Photos must be posted on social media channels, as well as tagging MBA, by 5 p.m. Thursday, April 30.
  6. Six winners will be randomly chosen to receive $250 from MBA Foundation that will be awarded to the school or community youth organization chosen by the bank. The winning banks have the option of contributing or matching that award.
Tips and Suggestions for Presentations
article published in March 2016 issue of The Missouri Banker

For More Information
Contact Rachael Preston at MBA.